Things to Carry for Amarnath Yatra

Things to Carry for Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Tour

Things to Carry for Amarnath Yatra

Things to Carry Amarnath Yatra-- The Amarnath Yatra is the journey of devotion. Amarnath weather is very un-predictable. So, it’s advisable to carry necessary things for pleasant yatra. For that, you must carry post-paid mobile because prepaid does not work in Jammu Kashmir region. Also you must carry woollen cloths because temperature in very low in this Amarnath yatra route. Many times, the weather in Amarnath range changes so dramatically that you may face rain and cold winds frequently. In addition, the temperature on the high mountains falls with rain. So you must prepare yourself for changing weather. You must remember the dress code for Amarnath Yatra. For women pilgrims, sarees will not sound comfortable. Thus, try to avoid them. Because Amarnath Yatra is one of the religious journeys that carry great significance among the Hindus. Also, every year lakh's of people visit Amarnath Yatra.This yatra that leads the devotee towards the divinity of the Lord that fills the heart of the pilgrim with the contentment of joy and happiness.

While taking the trip to the holy cave of Amarnath, make sure that you don’t miss some important things. Also, you should carry some basic things with you if you are planning to have the Amarnath Yatra.

Things to Carry for Amarnath Yatra

We recommend that you bring the following clothing and accessories with you:
  • Post-paid mobile
  • Amarnath Yatra registration slip

  • Personal medical kit
  • Clothing
  • Towel / Washing Kit - 1/1
  • Warm Thick Pullover – 1
  • Wind Proof Jacket/Rain Coat-1
  • Pants-4/ Monkey Cap and Sun Heat
  • Cotton Full Sleeve T-Shirts - 2
  • Thermal Under paints/Long - 2
  • Thermal Vest/Warm Full T-Shirt - 2/2
  • Trekking Shoes/Light Tennis Shoes and Light Rubber Sandal - 1/1
  • Warm Woolen Shocks - 5
  • Warm Gloves - 1
  • Large Cotton or Silk Scarf - 1
  • Accessories
  • Torch Light With Extra Batteries
  • Sun Glass/Sun Hat
  • Water Bottle (2Ltr. Capacity)
  • Strong Sun Cream
  • Moisturizer Cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Hand Sanitizer

Best time to visit Amarnath:

The best time to make a visit to the holy cave of Amarnath is July August. However, the Amarnath Yatra commences during the Shravana month that falls between July and August.

Weather In Amarnath:

Before planning the trip to Amarnath, make sure to counter the climatic conditions which are very uncertain in this area. Owing to nature, the place faces many abrupt environmental changes that can give you rain or snow anytime during the journey. So prepare for the same in advance.


A successful journey can only be attained if you pay special attention to your physical and mental strength before the journey. For a trouble-free yatra, make sure you make a habit to walk for 4-5 km daily. Also, deep breathing exercises will help you a lot in carrying on a successful yatra.

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