Some Important Do’s & Don’ts Before Commencing Amarnath Yatra

Some Important Do’s & Don’ts Before Commencing Amarnath Yatra

Do’s & Don’ts for Amarnath Yatra

Planning to commence a trip to Baba Amarnath Holy Cave? Well, that recalls certain important preparations before you step forward for the toughest journey towards attaining salvation. So, Do’s & Don’ts for Amarnath Yatra are very important. As defined in our religious books, you need to overcome the hardships of the life journey in order to attain nirvana or moksha that will purify your soul and bring in eternal peace.   Amarnath Yatra 2017 will take you to the world of tranquility wherein you can get rid of all your sins and finds a purified path that will fill your life with the great satisfaction of being a human being. Though, some hardships are involved in the journey which you can overcome with all your dedication and by following some important do’s & don’ts that will make your trip memorable and bearable to the best of means.   Find More     Amarnath yatra packages

Here are some do’s & don’ts for Amarnath Yatra:


  1. Carry necessary warm clothing and windshield along with proper shoes to face the changing weather conditions of the place.
  2. Carry a slip containing your name, address, and your accompanying pilgrim details in your pocket.
  3. During the journey, keep a water bottle, some dry fruits, and baked grams with you.
  4. To protect your skin from cold winds, keep some Vaseline or cold cream.
  5. Always follow the advice posted by the Yatri administration.
  6. During the journey, take small breaks by relaxing over steep inclinations.
  7. During the journey, keep enchanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’ to keep your mind pious.
  8. Carry some necessary medicines also such as Disprin, Glucose, etc.
  9. Wear a comfortable dress during the yatra.


  1. Avoid the areas marked with the warning signs.
  2. Avoid taking any drug during the yatra.
  3. The yatra goes through a tough period. Therefore, it is advised not to take children or old-aged people with you. They find it hard to bear the hardships.
  4. Avoid carrying oily or greasy food with you.
  5. Avoid using slippers as you may face falling issues on the steep inclines.
  6. Avoid following any short-cut route as it can be dangerous.
By following the above-mentioned do’s & don’ts, you can easily cover up your journey. For the best experience, it is advisable to follow the details and information provided by your mentors allotted by your Amarnath Yatra package.
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