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Amarnath Yatra Tourist Attractions

Amarnath Yatra Tourist Attractions - Amarnath Cave

Amarnath Gufa Amarnath Yatra Tourist Attractions -- In J&k, there is the most famous and majestic Amarnath Gufa that has great historical and religious importance. This holy Gufa has a lot of miraculous stories associated with it. If you visit this holy Gufa, you will feel the divine attraction and the peace of mind there. As per belief, in this holy gave Lord Shiva told the secret of mortality to the Goddess Parvati. Other than Mata Parvati, there were two pigeons too by mistake, and they listened to those secrets. As per belief, those two pigeons became immortal, and you may see them even till now. As per belief, this holy Gufa does not only show you the path to make your wishes come true but it also gives you real satisfaction and inner happiness. Therefore, lots of visitors come here every.  

Kheer Bhawani Temple

Kheer Bhawani TempleThe most miraculous Kund near the holy Amarnath changes its color whenever our nation about to face any disaster. This miraculous Kund is in the most famous Kheer Bhawani Temple. Makes is a must Amarnath Yatra Tourist Attractions. As per belief, the water of this Kund turns into black or gets deeper in color whenever the nation about to face any disaster. All it's the divine power of Mata Kheer Bhawani. Therefore, lots of visitors come here every year to get the blessing of Mata. At about 70 Km away from the holy Amarnath, this auspicious temple is one of the major tourist attractions nearby. Every year, in the month of June, devotees enjoy the festive Mela here and show their devotion towards Mata.  

Mamaleshwar Temple

Mamaleshwar templeMamaleshwar temple is one of the holiest temples that have great religious value. It is in the name of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. There are so many religious stories about this holy temple and this place. According to one of such stories, this place was the door to enter one of the Shiva's home, and once the lord Ganesha was Guarding there when Shiva was away from home, and Devi Parvati was bathing. Ganesh did not allow any god or goddess to enter the premises. Due to being unknown with who Shiva is actually, he tried stopping him too. Lord Shiva got angry and cut the head of Ganesha with his Trident. This temple is however not so bigger as some other famous temples are, but the auspiciousness of this temple is equally greater than that of those other temples. This temple has the most auspicious and beautiful Shivlinga inside it. This holy temple is at a distance of around 1332 Km from Amarnath.  

Shankaracharya Temple

Shankaracharya TempleIn the Srinagar District, on the Takht-e-Sulmaan hill, and at the height of 1100 feet above the surface level, there is the most famous and highly auspicious Shankaracharya temple. This ancient temple is the perfect example of what real architectural beauty is. This holy temple is in the name of Lord Shiva. It is at a distance of about 63 Km from Amarnath. Along with having natural beauty, this place is equally advanced in terms of Divine beauty, and spiritual attraction. This most attractive temple belongs to the period of the Great Ashoka. As per belief, his son built this temple. There is no entry fee to visit this temple, however, but you may visit here anytime between 8 Am to 5 Pm. Shankaracharya, who was a great Mahant in India, when visiting in Srinagar, stayed here for a long. Therefore, this temple got the name Shankracharya temple.  

Martand Sun Temple

Martand Sun TempleBuilt-in the 8th Century by King Lalitaditya Muktapida, the most beautiful Martang is a wonderful architectural miracle. This holy temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the state of J&K. Sikandar Butshikan destroyed this temple in the 15th century, however, but even in its wrecked state, this temple puts a great impact on Visitors and shares some really great religious stories. Visiting this place, you may realize how so great Architect India had even during the 8th Century, and how outsiders tried destroying some really great creations of Indian Architects. This is also one of the famous locations for movie shooting and lots of Bollywood movies got shot there. Aandhi and Haider are some of the superhit movies that got shot there.  

Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag LakeAbout 14 Km away from the holy Amarnath, there is the famous Seshnag Lake. It is famous that the Lord Seshnag built this lake by himself, and he still resides here in this lake. Eye-Catching high hills surround this most beautiful lake and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Also, lots of religious beliefs are there about this holy place. As per belief, sometimes, Lord Seshnaag appears here in this lake. You may see the Seshnaag Aakriti there over the water if you will be luckily present there at that time. As per another religious belief, when visiting the Amarnath, lord Shiva left Seshnaag here, because he was about to tell the secret of mortality to Devi Parvati, and he did not want anyone except Devi Parvati to know those secrets. The water of this lake gets a freeze during the winter and looks amazingly beautiful. Also, as per belief, doing the holy darshan of the water of that lake may washout most of your Kundali and Lagna Doshas, and you feel the real peace.  


BaltalBaltal is a famous halt destination and an amazingly beautiful place for all those who get towards the holy Amarnath Ji. Present at an altitude of 2743 m, and at the distance of about 14 Km from Amarnath, it is the most perfect and comfortable location to stay at night, or if you are tired of. Along with being so beautiful, this place is very close to the main towns like Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg, and therefore, you may never feel any trouble if staying there. Present on the shore of the Sindh river, this place is the most beautiful gift that mother nature has given us.  


Panchtarni"Panchtarni" the most beautiful and auspicious place that has the literal meaning "Place of five life elements air, water, fire, earth, and sky". As per belief, when Lord Shiva was heading towards Amarnath with Goddess Parvati, he left the five life elements here in Panchtarni. Therefore, it's the place of great divine value. This holy place is located in the Antanang District of J&K and is at about 6 Km from Amarnath. It's the last destination where the Helicopter may drop you off when visiting the Amarnath. Beautiful snow-capped mountain surrounds this most attractive valley, and also this valley has the beautiful gift of the Panchtarni river.  

Nilagrad River

Nilagrad RiverIf Sonamarg is the Golden Meadow in Srinagar, then the Nilagrad River is the glow of that gold. In short, the beauty of Sonamarg is just incomplete without the Nilagrad river. It is the most beautiful mountain river in Sonamarg city. The most amazing fact about this most beautiful river is that the water of this river appears reddish in color. Also, it has some really great medicinal properties that can cure a lot of skin diseases. It is an amazing sightseeing place, and therefore, a great point of attraction for so many tourists.  


SonamargSonamarg which literally means "The Meadow of Gold" looks equally beautiful as it reflects by its name. It's the beauty & attraction of this place that attracts thousands of tourists every year. At around 22 Km away from Amarnath, and at the altitude of 2740 m above the sea level, this most beautiful place offers you a lot of fun activities to do. You may enjoy doing the Water rafting, and a lot of other adventurous and fun activities there. This place has also great historical importance because it was a gateway to Ancient Silk Road. Nilagrad River, Krishnasar Lake, Vishnasar Lake, and a lot of other attractions are there to have joyful tourism.  


PahalgamIn the Antanang District of Kashmir, and at about 28 to 30 Km from the holy Amarnath, there exists the most beautiful place "Pahalgam" that is not only beautiful, but it has the great religious importance also. Present on the bank of river Lidder, and at an elevation of about 2200 m, Pahalgam is the beautiful composition of some really amazing places like that of Aru Valley, Betaab Valley, and Baisaran, and has the astonishing natural beauty and attraction. As per belief, during his visit to Kedarnath, the almighty Shiva left his bull Nandi here, and he took rest here for a while. Therefore, it's the place where you may feel the divine beauty as well as the natural attraction. If visiting Pahalgam, and if you wanna have any fun activities there, you must try doing the fishing there. Lots of visitors enjoy doing so there.  


GulmargAt about 105 Km away from the Amarnath, there is a miraculous tourist attraction Gulmarg that has the miracles of beauty everywhere. About this place, it is famous that the place is so beautiful that even Gods and Goddess from heaven used to come here to have the visit for a while. This famous hill station was previously famous as the Gaurimarg, and later it got the name Gulmarg. Gulmarg is not just a beautiful tourist destination that offers some really great opportunities to do lots of fun activities such as trekking, enjoying the natural beauty, doing some amazing photography, mountain biking, horse riding, water skiing, and even fishing, but it is also the place that has the equally great divine value. Now, Gulmarg is not just a hill station, but it has also the highest golf course in the world. Gulmarg Gondola, Shark Fin, Maharani Devi Temple are some of the famous places to visit in Gulmarg.  


BaisaranIf you wanna visit Switzerland, but don't have that much budget, you may get the experience of visiting Switzerland in India too, and that too under your budget. Switzerland in India! Yes, you heard it right. At just about 5 km away from Pahalgam, and around 35 Km from Amarnath Ji, there is the place of astonishing beauty named Baisaran. It is so beautiful that most of the well-known travelers have named it the "Mini Switzerland". With its eye-catching meadow, this most beautiful place is a famous point of attraction for lots of tourists. The Greenness of this place looks so amazing that you may feel nature has laid down the beautiful green carpet to welcome you. It is the very best place to refresh your mood through the natural beauty, and therefore, it's the must-visit place.  

Botanical Garden

Botanical GardenIf you are visiting in Srinagar or nearby, for whatever reasons, one of the most interesting things that you must do is to relax in the most beautiful Botanical Garden of Srinagar. This garden is also famous as Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Garden. It is a perfect example of what real natural beauty is actually. This garden is present around the base of a hill overlooking the Dal Lake. The presence of the most attractive Dal Lake enhances the beauty of this place. This garden was built in 1969 in the remembrance of the first prime minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Covering the area of around 197 acres, this garden contains hundreds of species of plants, and has also a research center and the plant introduction center where you can get deep information about some amazing species of plants. There is a very little amount that you need to pay to get the entry to this garden.  

Mughal Gardens

Mughal GardensPlease don't be confused that Mughal Gardens is any place in Kashmir. Actually, there are some really amazing Gardens that belong to the Mughal Period. Therefore, all those gardens of Kashmir are combinedly got the title Mughal Gardens. Some of the highly famous Mugal Gardens in Kashmir are Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Chasma Shahi, Pari Mahal & Achabal. If you are visiting Kashmir or nearby, you must not miss out on visiting these beautiful places. However, all these gardens look really very amazing, but out of all these, Chasma Shahi built by Ali Mardan Khan during the period of Shah Jahan, Pari Mahal built by Prince Dara Shikoh the son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, and Shalimar Bagh built by Jahangir, are the major points of attraction. In order to get entry to these gardens, you may have to pay a very little amount.  
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