A Journey for Salvation

Amarnath Gufa

amarnath gufa

In J&k, there is the most famous and majestic Amarnath Gufa that has great historical and religious importance. This holy Gufa has a lot of miraculous stories associated with it. If you visit this Gufa, you will feel the divine attraction and the peace of mind there. As per belief, in this holy cave Lord Shiva told the secret of mortality to Goddess Parvati. Other than Mata Parvati, there were two pigeons too by mistake, and they listened to those secrets. As per belief, those two pigeons became immortal, and you may see them even till now. As per belief, this holy Gufa does not only show you the path to make your wishes come true but it also gives you real satisfaction and inner happiness. Therefore, lots of visitors come here every year.

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