A Journey for Salvation

Sheshnag Lake

SHESHNAG LAKE About 14 Km away from the holy Amarnath, there is the famous Seshnag Lake. It is famous that Lord Seshnag built this lake by himself, and he still resides here in this lake. Eye-Catching high hills surround this most beautiful lake and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Also, lots of religious beliefs are there about this holy place. As per belief, sometimes, Lord Seshnaag appears here in this lake. You may see the Seshnaag Aakriti there over the water if you will be luckily present there at that time. As per another religious belief, when visiting the Amarnath, lord Shiva left Seshnaag here, because he was about to tell the secret of mortality to Devi Parvati, and he did not want anyone except Devi Parvati to know those secrets. The water of this lake gets freeze during the winter and looks amazingly beautiful. Also, as per belief, doing the holy darshan of the water of that lake may washout most of your Kundali and Lagna Doshas, and you feel real peace. Find More: Amarnath Yatra Packages

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