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How to reach Amarnath

How to reach Amarnath

how to reach amarnath yatra

How to Reach Amarnath Yatra” is a general term which is most pilgrims search on google, It is one of the religious pilgrimages which is highly revered among the Hindus. Generally, there are two routes to reach Amarnath. The first one is via Srinagar and another one is via Pahalgam. The route via Pahalgam is the traditional and most recommended one. Pilgrims planning a trek to Amarnath wants to know about the ways on how to reach Amarnath. If you are also planning, you may pick any of the routes either via train, road, flight, or even helicopter mode. The aforesaid routes can be taken to reach the initial locale of the trek to Amarnath. After that, the tourist can either hire horses, palanquins, dandies or even trek on foot to reach the Amarnath Cave.  

Amarnath Yatra By Helicopter

Those who are unable to carry on the Amarnath Yatra due to some reason can take the Amarnath Yatra By helicopter service. There are several helicopter operators offering helicopter services for the Amarnath Yatra. This saves their time and energy. You can reach Amarnath by air via Srinagar that beholds the nearest airport. This airport receives flights from Delhi and Jammu on a daily basis. Alongside, the airport receives weekly flights from Chandigarh and Leh. From Srinagar, pilgrims can take either private or shared taxis to reach Pahalgam and Baltal.

Amarnath Yatra By Road

To reach Amarnath, Jammu is the entry point via road. From here, taxis and buses are easily available to reach the initial locale of the Amarnath Yatra. Pilgrims can hire the taxis either on daily basis or on a full tour basis.

By Train

The nearest railway station and the last point via train in Jammu. From Jammu, pilgrims can hire private taxis to Srinagar. Even buses are available to reach Srinagar and Pahalgam.
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