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History of Amarnath

History of Amarnath

amarnath history

History of Amarnath

The Amarnath Temple is one of the famous temples among the Hindus. It is an ancient temple that is visited by thousands of devotees every year. The history of the Amarnath embodies several instances that display its significance. Existence since God's age: As per the sources, the holy cave of Amarnath exists since the Gods and Goddesses age. The famous Bringesh Samhita and Nilamata Purana describe the existence of the holy cave. In addition to this, the Sanskrit work based on the life of Kashmiri also holds some instances of the cave. One can find the description of the sacred pilgrimage of the Amarnath Shrine in the book ‘Amarnath Mahatmaya’. Alongside, the book also explains the importance of the Amarnath in detail. Fascinating legend of the Cave: As per the sources, the legendary cave is supposed to carry a fascinating story. The story beholds the selection of the cave by Lord Shiva. As per the resources, Lord Shiva selects the cave to explain the scope of immortality to Goddess Parvati.

Story of Immortality-Amar Katha

Once Goddess Parvati questions Lord Shiva for the reason why he wears Mund Mala (Necklace of skulls) around his neck. In an answer, Lord said that he adds on a new skull to the necklace when the Goddess died and revived. The reply made the Goddess curious to know the reason for Lord’s immortality. Also, she wanted to scroll the reason why she had to face the life cycle. To satiate the query of the Goddess, Lord Shiva asked her to listen to Amar Katha. The Katha is said to behold the story of immortality. To begin the secret, Lord wanted to find an isolated place free from the mark of a human being or living element. During his search, he discovered Amarnath Cave. On the way to the cave, he discarded his belongings such as his bull, son Ganesha, Moon, Snake, and five elements. He wanted that none of the living things should hear this secret. After leaving all the living elements, Lord Shiva entered the cave with Goddess Parvati. He then sat down on the deerskin. To make sure that no living thing is available around the cave, he created Kalagni-a Rudra. He ordered Rudra to eliminate the unwanted elements from around the cave. Lord Shiva starts narrating the tale. Despite every possible effort taken by him, a pigeon egg left hidden beneath the bedding of the Lord. During the story, the egg hatched and a pair of pigeons appeared. After listening to the story, both the pigeons become immortal. After so many years, several pilgrims have reported that a pair of pigeons can still be seen around the cave.

Evolution of the Valley of Kashmir.

Evolution of Valley of Kashmir: Another historical connection with the discovery of the cave goes with the evolution of the Valley of Kashmir. According to the sources, the Valley of Kashmir was hiding underwater for last many years. The renowned Sage Kashyap helped in figuring out the Valley by creating rivers and distributaries. Sage Bhrigu was on a spiritual journey where he spotted the holy cave. People believed that after Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, Sage Bhrigu is the first person to visit the cave. Discovery by Buta Malik: Another incident that displays the discovery of the cave is the instance of the period somewhere 700 years ago. As per the sources, there was a shepherd named Buta Malik. While he was traveling through mountains, he met a Saint who handed over a bag of coal to the shepherd. When he took the bag of coal to his home, he found the coal being replaced with gold. He felt very happy and move back to thank the saint. On reaching the spot, he found the holy cave with linga. Since then, the place is renowned and thousands of pilgrims head towards it, every year. Chhari Mubarak: Another historical story takes you to the story of the amaranth Yatra taken by the disciples of Sage Bringesh. On their way to the holy cave, demons attacked them. They asked for the assistance of Sage Bringesh. It is when the sage performed penance to Lord Shiva to which the Lord answered. The Lord gifted the Chhari Mubarak to the cave that guarantees the safety of the Yatris. Find More     Amarnath yatra packages
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