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Approved Doctors List 2021

Amarnath Approved Doctor List 2021

Amarnath Approved Doctor List is most important to know if you are planning to visit Amarnath Cave. Also, a Medical Fitness certificate is a must for all pilgrims of Amarnath yatra. So, the Medical Fitness certificate must be in the prescribed format by the Shrine board of Amarnath. So Doctor's list is important. Please find the below-mentioned doctor list. Also, These are approved doctor's lists by the Amarnath Shrine board.

State / UT wise List of Doctors / Institutions authorised to issue Compulsory Health Certificate (for Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2021)

Lists are also being updated as the information is being received from respective State Governments
 Sr. No.  State/UT Name   English Version   Hindi Version (Not Available)
 1  Andhra Pradesh
 2  Assam
3  Bihar
4  Delhi
 5  Gujrat
 6  Goa
 7   Haryana
 8  Himachal Pradesh
 9  Jammu and Kashmir
 10  Jharkhand
 11  Karnataka
 12  Madhya Pradesh
 13  Mizoram
 14  Odisha
 15  Punjab
 16  Rajasthan
 17  Tamil Nadu
 18  Telangana
 19  Tripura
 20  Uttar Pradesh
 21  Uttarakhand
 22  West Bengal
 23  Andaman and Nicobar Islands
 24  Chandigarh
 25  Dadra and Nagar Haveli
 26 Daman and Diu
 27  Delhi
 28  Lakshadweep
 29  Ladakh
 30  Puducherry

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